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A wonderfilled sampling moment at the end of the rainbow
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Bringing joy to the everyday, mundane morning commute

We transformed staircases in key commuter hubs across four UK cities and placed Golden Oreo rainbow slides on top of them.

Commuters were invited to slide instead of walk down the stairs and experience childlike joy.

The Details

The everyday commute is monotonous and ordinary, so building on the ATL campaign, Wonderfilled, and to launch the new Golden Oreo flavour, we wanted to awaken the inner child in everyone and let wonder loose.

As adults, we need to be reminded that often it is the little things that can brighten our days. We set up a giant Original Oreo at the top of the staircases and asked consumers to slide to the bottom, down a rainbow slide and through a Golden Oreo to receive a sample of this new flavour product.

The experience evoked childlike joy and brought a smile to busy commuters’ day making it memorable and fun.

The Results

4 days activity55,000 consumers sampled Golden Oreo1,862 consumers went down the rainbow slide942,301 Instagram footprint396 pieces of media coverage with a reach of 47million

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