Was your experiential activity effective in 2015?

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An experiential audit with Closer can answer key questions, helping you plan for the next campaign.

So, in competition with an average 3,000 other brand messages per day, how did your experiential campaign do?

  • Did your activity achieve its KPIs?
  • Did it deliver a worthwhile ROI?
  • Did you reach the right people?

In the 2015 campaigns that Closer developed for brands including Oreo, Barny, PG tips and Volvic, 67% of consumers who engaged with the activity went on to purchase the product over 4 times – and told a further 6 people about their experience. An example of ROI for one of our campaigns is £1.47 for every £1 spent, proving the campaign’s effectiveness.

Our unique range of tools can help you to maximise the effectiveness of your next experiential campaign.

Real Life TargetingReal-time reportingAdvocatesExperiential squaredVerbalisationGeo TargetingBehaviour Change Measurement

Would you like us to conduct an audit of your experiential campaigns, making sure your 2016 activity achieves its targets?

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